Handmade Custom Afghan Kilim

Afghan Kilims Currently for sale

 Made by Salem Rugs in Afghanistan. These are some handmade Afghan Kilims for sale. Please inquire if you would like one custom made. You can customize one to your exact specifications including size, color and design. you may also be provided with video of the rug being created. Starting with a template on paper, to the dying of the wool and the work on the loom. These are handmade in Afghanistan and take months to complete so please be patient if you place an order. (Browse our Afghan kilims here)


The beginning production of a handmade afghan kilim

Made by Salem Rugs this is the warp (skeleton) of the rug being woven on a loom. Every step of the process is done by hand and takes months to complete.

Weaving wool into the warp of a kilim

This process takes place after the warp is compete and now wool can be added. This is when you really start to see the rug begin to come to life.

Finishing touch

One of the many processes a handmade kilim must go through.