Remove urine stains quickly!

Anyone who has owned a pet (especially dogs) knows that sometimes accidents happen on our rugs. These accidents are sometimes inevitable but the stain and odor does not need to be permanent. When urine initially comes out of the body and onto the carpet, it is considered an acid based stain. Any alkaline cleaner will remove most urine deposits, IF treated within the first 24-48 hours. Wait any longer and there is a high possibility that when the urine stain is removed there will be permanent color loss. This is because as the urine sits on the rug, alkaline salts are deposited into the fibers. The high alkalinity in the salts (much higher then the cleaning products) will strip color from the rug leaving a bleach like effect (usually pink). Once this has happened there is little to be done about the discoloration, and only the odor can be addressed. So please, next time Fito has an accident on your rug or carpet don't wait to clean it! Or call the pros      (718)-675-4475

Urine removal

Urine removal 


Restora-Rug & Salem Rug's soon collaborating!

Rug Warp 2/2/2019

This is where the rug weaver essentially assembles the rug by banging down handmade knots with a metal rod, the harder the hits, the tighter the knots become and hence the rug becomes stronger.

OH Moldy Mildew (water damage) 7/01/2018

Industrial carpet with mold/mildew stains from too much water damage. The Spots were treated to remove the stains on top and to also kill any potential growth underneath. This is a quick before and after video.


This is an example of when you have a location with heavy traffic and do not keep up on the cleaning! This hasn’t been cleaned in 2 years! Now we will be steaming and encapsulating every three months.       Show more  


Removing a heavy traffic lane


Industrial rug cleaning (a lot of grease!)